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Lou's personal page, a brief history of my Photography

LouspaceI started at about 7 years old with a Brownie Box Camera, pinhole, no lens, cost $1.00. My second camera was a Box Camera with a lens. In 1935 I bought a Voightlander Bessa with a Zeiss Tessar Lens, and although inexpensive ($25) it was state of the art for Black and White photography in 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 120 roll film.

For a time I used a Speed Graphic, 4 X 5 with Cut Film or Film Pack. I went to a Pentax Spotmatic in 1965, and after 3 different Pentax SLR film cameras, in 2000 I got my first Digital Camera, a Sony Mavica with images kept on a Floppy Disk, with low resolution as I was shooting to get about 14 on a Floppy Disk, but many photos taken with this camera enlarge without problems. My second digital Camera was a Sony MVC-500, which stored images on a mini-CD and thus allowed larger/more megapixels and could still store many images on the CD which held up to 210 MB.

I switched to a Nikon Coolpix-8800 in mid 2004, with 8 megapixel capacity and memory sticks up to 2 GB. My early photos prior to '65 were taken mostly with the Voightlander Bessa, with a few taken with the Speed Graphic, except the older B & W taken before 1935. The photos taken from 1965 to 1999 were all with the Pentax 35mm. All photos from the year 2000 and to date are DIGITAL. This allows enhancing if necessary using Photo Shop. As a child I took photos of unusual things and still have a knack of being in the right place at the right time to have a photo look posed. I did dark room work, developing, printing and enlarging until color film came out and I left that to the professionals, as the process of turning color negatives into usable prints was very complicated.

Over the 80 years of taking photographs, I probably have taken over 100,000 pictures. During the days of travel to distant shores, armed with a Pentax Camera and Slides, I took perhaps 250 photos a week. Trips to Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America and all over the United States, except that I have never been to Alaska. The other 49, yes, and with a camera on many of those trips. What I am showing in this web site is just a few selected photos, which I think the viewer might be interested in seeing, and does not include the thousands of photos taken at parties, gatherings, anniversaries, birthdays and other events. It does not include all of my flower pictures. For instance, to get a shot of a "perfect" cotton Boll, I may have taken 25 or 30 pictures. To get a great shot of a Magnolia, I took hundreds of magnolia pictures. I have photos taken in Egypt, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Italy, England, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain, Hawaii, and many other places.

Shooting with a digital camera changes the whole way you take pictures. You are not using up film and you can eliminate those shots which you do not like. Since going digital in 2000, ALL of my prints are done with my own equipment, including a high performance computer with an external Hard Drive to store images, and three printers, a Hewlett Packard 4550 Color Laser Printer for my Greeting Cards made out of the best flower pictures, a Hewlett Packard 5650 for 8 1/2 X 11 black and white or color, and a HP 9650 with the capacity to print up to 11 X 17, including some on CANVAS. Some of my photos of flowers printed on Canvas look like paintings or water colors. Then I also can print my color pictures in Sepia or use the built in options of line drawings conversion or distortion to make the pictures look like ART. I like to experiment.

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